As our name shows, RELOCATE CONSULTING started in 2000. Being foreigners ourselves, we know all the obstacles an expatriate has to deal with and the huge amount of time and stress means to relocate. Therefore, the core aim of our business are the transferees and to bridge the gap between corporate and individual needs.

Although it’s common to say that the world has shrunk and everything is ‘just around the corner’, relocating to another city, not to mention to another country, can be an overwhelming experience. Cultural, social and political changes are only some of the points that international transferees will have to cope with when they move. Some of these changes are well known, but even so, the majority of the differences have a great impact on expatriates.

¿Why relocate?

For one simple reason – to increase knowledge. All companies, national or multinational, have to be constantly updating themselves and learning from their experiences in an international working environment in order to fulfill their client’s needs. And one of the best ways to do it is with Human Capital - relocating personal. That goes for individuals too – the more they learn from other countries, the more they have to offer to their future employers.

What distinguishes us is our dedication to the individual. We highly value the human element and we take great care of every detail of their integration. And it shows – the happiness and confidence with which ‘our expatriates’ move to Spain makes our job very gratifying. And the companies who hire our services are reassured because, as our slogan says - 'We help you to focus on your business'.

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We help you to focus on your business